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JLRD has broad knowledge of Federal Government procedures and requirements to successfully complete project designs for government agencies.

Our clients include NASA at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, as well as The Veterans Administration in both West Palm Beach and Miami. Our history with NASA dates back 20 years and includes several base and agency-wide commendations as a testament to the quality of the services provided. Projects are as varied and unique as NASA's missions, ranging from energy studies, equipment replacement, and system upgrades to include renovations, rehabilitation and design for new facilities, PLC control systems, and challenging fire protection systems.


HVAC Revitalization and Asbestos Abatement - CCAFS

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

JLRD provided the design to revitalize the HVAC system serving Hangar AE located at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The building serves as a Mission Control Center for unmanned launches, as well as clean space processing for space hardware. The worst difficulty involved with completing the design of this system was the deplorable and hazardous conditions of the existing equipment areas housing the air handlers, duct routing, and piping runs to the equipment. These were attic spaces with asbestos laden piping and duct insulation. Wooden walkways had to be removed for fire hazard reasons. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) had to be worn by the design team during all field investigations in these attic areas.

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Client NASA
Completed 2008
Location Cape Canaveral AFS, FL
Role M/E/P/FP
Cost $3.6 Million
Sq. Ft. 40,000

NASA FP Systems

This project includes the design to upgrade the fire protection systems in several critical facilities. The facilities being addressed were deemed critical by LX based on the projected processing efforts of NASA's next generation vehicle as well as associated payloads. The most significant effort relates to the VAB and the implementation of a 3-tiered fire pumping scheme to produce 5,000 gpm at 175 psi - a significant increase to the current fire protection system capabilities. The difficulty in design we had to overcome was investigating the existing conditions to locate routing for several large piping systems. Areas that could not be accessed by normal means were identified and documented. Building personnel protection procedures were recommended for construction of overhead systems and transfer aisle crossovers that had to remain un-blocked by pipe runs as high as 16 stories.

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Client NASA
Completed 2013 – Design
Location Kennedy Space Center, FL
Role M/E/P/FP
Cost $15.5 Million
Sq. Ft. 424,000 SF (1st Floor Areas) / 5 Buildings

Study & Design to Replace Controls, Industrial Area

Study & Design

JLRD provided a study of how to best replace the existing DDC-based control system serving the IACP and the (8) facilities to which it provides chilled water. The study recommended a PLC-based SCADA approach utilizing Citect software for compatibility with KCCS. A time intensive challenge for this project was determining the extent of existing controls connectivity, using both as-built documents and on-site field investigations; what devices could be retained, and what control options could be deleted and/or needed to be added.

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Client NASA
Completed Study - 2007 / Design - 2011
Location Kennedy Space Center, FL
Role Mechanical Study and Design
Cost $2.1 Million
Area 8 Facilities

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