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Founded in 1991, JLRD, Inc. has established itself as a leader in the M/E/P, FP consulting profession.

We are focused on providing innovative, cost effective solutions to meet the challenges that face our clients. The firm's success as best evidenced by our long-term client relationships stands as a testament to the quality and value of the services provided.

Superior communication skills, responsiveness, obsession for detail and reliability are all hallmarks of our engineering practice. Recognizing the diversity of our clients, as well as the uniqueness of each project, the design approach is aligned with, and tailored to best satisfy the project objectives. We take great pride in delivering and executing functionality, reliability and cost effectiveness.

With buildings accounting for approximately 75 percent of the nation's electrical consumption and inturn, 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, JLRD accepts our responsibility for providing sustainable building design solutions. We collaborate with our architectural clients to ensure that the M/E/P, FP systems are integrated with, and enhance the vision as relates to the form, function and aesthetics of the building.

Autodesk logoThree-dimensional design tools such as REVIT® and AutoCAD are employed in building information modeling (BIM), as well as building energy modeling to deliver high performance, energy efficient, well coordinated, aesthetically sensitive designs.

"Listen • Evaluate • Collaborate • Solve"

LISTEN: To solve a problem you must first fully understand it and the clients’ objectives.

EVALUATE: There are any number of viable solutions to any problem, each which poses its own unique constraints as relates to technical sophistication, implementation strategy, long-term operations, schedules and cost.

COLLABORATE: Like nature, good design abhors a vacuum; proposed solutions must be fully vetted and defended to ensure they provide the best solution to meet the client’s objectives.

SOLVE: Whether by formal analysis such as a K/T chart or life cycle costing, once a design approach is adopted, it is brought to fruition by a highly trained and specialized staff.