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JLRD has had provided MEP & FP design services for several State of Florida departments which aid in the state's ability to serve the public.

Projects for this client required close coordination with the end-user to implement infrastructure modifications in a phased approach while providing continued use of the respective facility. Chiller replacements, lighting fixture and control upgrades, TI improvements, and multi-story remodeling sum up the scope of projects performed for the Fourth District Court of Appeals, States Attorney's office, and the Florida Highway Patrol.


4th District Court of Appeals

4th District Court

Aging mechanical equipment consisting of air handling units and chillers at the courthouse yielded unreliable HVAC system operation and performance. One of the design obstacles of this project was the replacement of the HVAC equipment needed to be phased so that the courthouse could remain fully functional. Temporary chillers were necessary during construction, as well as portable generators during the electrical service entrance switchgear change-out to provide continued electrical power service.

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Client State of Florida
Completed 2009
Location West Palm Beach, FL
Role M/E Design
Cost $800,000
Sq. Ft. 32,000

Al Lofton Bldg FHP Patrol HQ


Originally built in 1972, Miami’s Florida Highway Patrol 28,000 square foot headquarters building was slated for renovation to provide state-of-the-art accommodations, technology and backup power to support functions as an EOC during storm events. JLRD performed complete HVAC, electrical, fire alarm, and telecommunication system replacements. Due to the tight budget, existing fire protection trunk lines and plumbing infrastructure were preserved. To accommodate the new floor plan, branch sprinkler piping and plumbing fixtures were replaced with new. All engineering systems were designed in consistent practice with the LEED criteria for new construction.

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Client Department of Management Services
Completed 2010
Location Miami, FL
Role M/E/P/FP Study, Design and Commissioning
Cost $2 Million
Sq. Ft. 28,000

FDOH New Admin Bldg

Florida Department of Health

The Florida Department of Health desired to consolidate several departments and local Palm Beach County Health Department Division into a new headquarters facility. JLRD's expertise of HVAC, fire protection and electrical infrastructure systems were key factors to this project’s ability to meet the various users needs, while being under budget and delivered on schedule.

This building consists of general office space, conference rooms, a computer room, and accounting, IT training, break rooms, lockers, and pseudo-EOC/Post Event operations for the Palm Beach County Health Department to support Emergency Operations Center functions. Strategic areas of the building, approximately 30-percent, are completely backed up by the local 600 KW generator to provide continuous power, lighting, telecommunications, convenience receptacles, satellite farm, air conditioning, elevators, and various other systems in these select critical areas.

Although the Owner did not have a defined program for current and future data processing needs; JLRD held meetings with the Owner’s staff to help develop requirements for the complete data processing/telecom design which was completely bid per the contract documents.

Client Florida Department of Health
Completed 2009
Location West Palm Beach, FL
Role M/E/P/FP Design
Cost $20 Million
Sq. Ft. 91,800

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