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building systems iconsWhen you contract with JLRD you can be confident that your building will be designed using cutting-edge technology, provide occupants a safe and comfortable environment conducive to high productivity, and comply with applicable codes and requirements because JLRD is a Building Systems Specialty firm.

You will have direct access to our experts in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection/life safety, telecom, and security system studies and design. And you will be supported after design by JLRD serving as your advocate to confirm that systems are constructed as designed, and by commissioning the systems to verify they operate as intended.


A Leader in COVID Mitigation

Corona virus magnifiedStudents can more safely return to schools, hotels can capture a larger share of the limited travel market, commercial office owners can market a safer office environment, medical facilities can better protect patients and staff, and building owners can reduce their liability all because of the cutting-edge work JLRD has done to develop a mechanical engineering solution to COVID mitigation.

The ConRed approach reduces a building owner or operator’s dependence on unreliable behavioral-based policies and procedures as their first line of defense.

When COVID emerged, JLRD initiated a Research & Development program specifically directed at mitigating adverse impacts of COVID-19. The result is a 7 tier engineering focused approach applicable to existing buildings and new construction that not only accomplishes these goals but facilitates compliance with the National Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s requirement for businesses to provide a safe work environment for employees.

Through ConRed, JLRD can provide engineering analysis and designs to custom fit any client’s needs. ConRed is not “one size fits all”, but a solution that can be customized to each individual client’s needs for COVID mitigation in their HVAC systems.

Contact JLRD today at (561) 689-2303, or e-mail mlinden@JLRDConRed.com for more information on how to obtain this cutting edge Engineering solution, ConRed, for COVID mitigation, and how it can be applied at your facility.

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